RIPA International

RIPA International

Founded in 1922 and with its origins in the Royal Institute of Public Administration, RIPA International is a leading non-aligned UK-based organisation specialising in public sector training and development. RIPA International has extensive experience designing and delivering international capacity building training programmes and workshops, adapting to ever changing global and domestic conditions. We work with governments, non-governmental organisations, think tanks, central banks, corporations, and energy providers from over 70 diverse economies across the globe.

RIPA International works across ten core areas of competence:

- Human Resource Development
- Leadership
- Policy and Strategic Planning
- Accountability and Compliance
- Service Delivery and Modernisation
- Financial Management and Procurement
- Parliamentary and Justice Reform
- Organisational Management Skills
- Communication
- Community Development, Sustainable energy and -Environmental Management

RIPA International’s solid experience designing and delivering capacity building training programmes and workshops across the globe translates into significant value in supporting ongoing local, state and national transformation. Furthermore, our innovative, behaviour and skills-based development work provides tangible results-oriented learning and development outputs.

Transferable Learning

RIPA International’s practical and relevant learning methods are used as catalysts for change, helping to improve and modernise organisational skills and behaviour to support learning objectives. We strongly believe that accomplishing learning and development objectives is measurable through successful transferable learning for every single participant who attends one of our programmes. We recognise that every individual has a preferred learning style, which is why we ask every participant to complete a personal development

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    RIPA International

    Overview: “While Public Sector Management (PSM) reforms promise high returns for development, they are also inherently uncertain. PSM is one of the most challenging reform areas: changing how governments operate is not easy....

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